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Tradiční česká restaurace Karlovy Vary

Loyalty program

Menu of the day


Dýňový krém se zázvorem ( polévka k menu zdarma ) ,-

Hlavní jídlo

Smažené "churro" ve skořicovém cukru s teplým nugátem, zakysaná smetana 119,-
Grilované kuřecí stehno se zeleninovým bulgurem 129,-
Vepřová kýta na smetanové paprice, vařená kolínka 129,-
Vepřová panenka na lávovém grilu, grilovaná zelenina, pečené brambůrky 249,-


Hovězí burger s cibulovou hořčicí v preclíkové bulce, smažené hranolky 149,-
Filátko ze pstruha duhového na rozmarýnu se smetanovou rýží a máslovou brokolicí 209,-

Smichovsky pavilon

Please accept our invitation to visit the recently reopened, Smíchovský pavilion. Originally established over 125 years ago, Smíchovský pavilion has become an integral part of the history of Carlsbad. We are not content with mediocrity, or even compromise, and so we have created an elegant establishment with a unique atmosphere, focused on fine dining. We firmly believe, and public opinion agrees, that the quality of the meals and drinks offered are only enhanced by being enjoyed in a non-polluted environment. Therefore, Smíchovský pavilion is the only restaurant in Karlovy Vary to be completely non-smoking.

Organizing school events, parties, etc.

Organizing school events, parties, etc.

Highly variable interior is suitable for organizing of any kind of event such as wedding, school reunion, company meeting etc. All rooms of Smichovsky pavilion are equipped with high quality sound systems and large-screen displays.  As a non-smoking venue, we follow sport and naturally, we offer the availability of watching major sporting events in many areas of the complex.

We regularly organize tastings of our specialty dishes, wine tastings and other events.

If you are interested in renting one of our lounges, we will offer attractive discounts from our menu, or we can prepare  a menu on your own request. For more information contact:

Great Hall

Since its founding in 1886, Smíchovský Pavilion has merged with Smíchov brewery and the partnership has endured to this day. Therefore, it is not surprising that the dominant feature of the pavilion, the main hall for 90 people, was named after its most famous beer.

Dr. Emil Holub´s
African Lounge

The lounge is furnished in the spirit of hunting, to honor Dr. Emil Holub, a famous Czech native, true lover of Smíchov beer and one of the prominent visitors of Smichovsky pavilion. Dr. Holub’s life story has become a central theme of the reopening of the restaurant. The lounge’s seating capacity is 30, making it ideal for holding class reunions, tastings, seminars and similar activities.

Joseph Mayer´s
Realistic Lounge

A glass atrium, rather than a lounge, with 60 seats, was named after the famous Carlsbad native and inventor whose contribution we consider to be underestimated. The lounge is capable of hosting medium-scale social events and tours, but is also popular among and frequently visited by locals. In the summer, the space can expand outdoors to include two outdoor terraces. The hall serves not just daily visitors, but is quite often used as a representative venue for social events.


Lidická 2

Karlovy Vary, 360 01

Tel.: +420 601 22 55 99